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A short life that 

inspired a simple,powerful solution

Hans Utz, Founder

“My son was born with a severe heart condition that required intensive care, and the nurses were the superheroes of the time we spent in the ICU. As I watched the nurses trace the lines, which looked like stressful and difficult work, it occurred to me that rather than having to touch every single line, it would be much easier if they could just flip a switch and turn the line on.”

How It Works

Managing IV lines is both tedious and stressful, with grave consequences if an error occurs.  Lightengale aims to mitigate potentially dangerous errors with a simple, yet powerful solution. By using light-emitting cables, nurses can illuminate individual IV lines from pump to patient, thereby reducing risk and giving nurses back valuable time to focus on their patients.

The Nurses' Perspective

“One of the reasons we trace lines is to see what medications are going into the same lines with other medications. Most of the patients are going to have upwards of 10–20 lines. For every minute, two, or three that it takes for you to trace a line, all of that is time that could be spent taking care of your patient.”

Nearly 40% of medication errors occur during administration, and over 20% of these errors are due to IV line mixups

Source: BMJ Quality and Safety

Source: Pennsylvania Patient Safety Authority

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